Vehicle Protection

Diamond Kote


Appearance Protection Plans offer paint, fabric, sound shield and rust protection. Keeping your vehicle looking brand new is now affordable and easy.

Paint Protection - As your new vehicle rolls off the assembly line, its paint finish immediately becomes vulnerable to permanent damage from environmental exposure. Diamond Kote’s NanoCrystal Paint Protection delivers a whole new level of paint defence. Its breakthrough, transparent cross-link polymer formulation employs durable fluoropolymer additives and ultraviolet filters to better guard your vehicle’s paint.

Interior Protection - Diamond Kote’s Nano Crystal Fabric Protection is the first water-based automotive grade carpet and upholstery protection to feature the significantly enhanced concentration and durability of Nano-hybrid chemistry. Penetrating deep into the fabric and forming an invisible shield around each and every fibre, Diamond Kote® delays and inhibits the penetration of frustrating spills, without affecting the fabric’s natural texture.

Sound Shield Under Coating - Diamond Kote’s premium, Vulcanized Sound Shield Undercoating is a rust preventative by design. Its durable, rubberized coating not only insulates your vehicle from the elements, but also blocks excessive road and engine noise.

We harnessed all the science that vulcanization does for objects like hockey pucks and running shoe soles into our world-renowned undercoating. The result is tough, flexible and virtually indestructible rust and sound protection.



Your vehicle is one of your biggest assets, protect it with XPel Ultimate Paint Protection Film. XPel Ultimate is a virtually invisible film that protects your vehicle from stone chips, bird droppings, road salt and the like. The product itself boasts a 10 year warranty, self heals, and is stain & discoloration resistant.

Give us a call today, protect your vehicle and maximize re-sale value!