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Our service department in Langenburg is simply the BEST. We don't just service the vehicles we sell but can service all makes and models. Our services range from oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, glass replacements and wheel alignments to heavy duty repairs such as engines, transmissions and suspensions. “No job is too big, or too small”. With our trained technicians you have no need to worry that your vehicle will be in good hands. Our senior Technician has been with Langenburg Motors for more than 36 years!! We are situated in a brand new building with the state of the art technology and equipment. Thanks to that, we ensure that your vehicle will be sent home in excellent condition. At Langenburg Motors, we truly and honestly believe that you will enjoy your experience with us and that our friendliness and honesty cannot be beat. Stop by our dealership today to see what all the hype is about us that makes us the BEST dealership in Langenburg. We look forward to your businesses and hope to see you soon.

Transmission Flush

Full synthetic oil - $229.95
Full synthetic (Diesel) - $299.95

Problem: Draining and refilling only does 40% of the job, leaving the other 60% of the contaminated fluid in the transmission.

By not getting all the old ATF out of the transmission lines and torque converter with the standard drain and fill procedure the new ATF can loosen the sludge which overtime can cause shift problems and even transmission failure. Replacing a transmission can cost more than $3,000.

Solution: Removes over 90% of contaminated fluid

The word “flush” is a cleaning procedure that removes harmful sludge and build up. Benefits of this procedure, extended transmission fluid life, no more rough and or shifting problems.

When: On average, every 96,000km or when fluid is checked and fluid is dark brown to black.

Brake Flush - $99.95

Problem: Moisture is absorbed by brake fluid over time. Increased moisture can cause sluggish responses in brake times during panic stops, stop and go driving and downhill braking. Moisture is not visible in brake fluid so a visual inspection is not possible.

Solution: New brake fluid is put into the master cylinder reservoir. All 4 wheels can be bled in a bleed sequence. All moisture and air is eliminated from the system. This service helps extend the life of the brakes.

When: Every 50,000km, 2 years, or a recommended by a Certified Technician

Coolant Flush - $159.95

Problem: Coolant degrades over time. Rust deposits can build up in the cooling system, that can lead to poor coolant circulation, overheating and breakdown. With the standard drain and fill procedure less than 50% of the coolant is exchanged.

Solution: Before the coolant process begins a cleaner is added to the existing coolant to remove acids and safely remove rust and scale deposits. After that process, a product is added to the new coolant that helps to stop radiator and heater core leaks, and lubricated the water pump. The end result, your vehicle is now ready to take on the “Heat” of the road.

When: On average, at 168,000km. After the initial change, change every 3 years or 73,000km.